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File listing software
Professional file listing and testing software, makes one of the most daunting tasks for data recovery fast and easy.
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With several new data recovery projects under development, like backup recovery software for Backup Exec, NTBackup, Arcserve.
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Our programmers are all experienced data recovery professionals that have worked in the trade for decades. The software we develop is for data recovery professionals and goes way beyond other commercial data recovery software.
Welcome to Data Recovery Engineering Software : Professional DR Software
One of the biggest problems facing data recovery companies is testing the quality of recovered data. Using our flagship product; 'File Listing and Testing Software' (FLT Professional) you will now be able to present your customers with a file list in a logically structured format. Your customers can browse through folders and files using the File List Viewer component and see for themselves that their data is ok.
Friday 03rd August 2012
RAID Map Creator Released

Friday 10th July 2009
Hard Disk Wiper Released

Wednesday 24th June 2009
Process Monitoring Software Released

Friday 23th July 2010
Copy drives with 520 Bytes per sector and convert to 512 bytes per sector. For EMC/Dell drives formatted at 520 bytes per sector. Will also support any other sector size.
Update to 520 Imager
New SCSI module that fully supports SCSI, SAS and Fibre Channel (Fcal) Drives.
Thursday 21st April 2011
FLT Version 1.8 Released
Simpler database installation and minor bugs removed.
Thursday 05th May 2011
Built in email system added to software. You can now email your customers' file lists directly from within the software.
Thursday 12th May 2011
FLT Version 2 Released. Now has Regular Expression (RegEx) header tests. Combine all header testing terms into a single search.