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File listing and testing software: Overview

The purpose of this software is to automatically test the quality of files after data recovery. This is achieved by comparing the header contents of each file against a database of known content. Once the entire drive is tested - at speeds often exceeding 10,000 files per minute - a network message is sent so that you know the job is complete and ready for the next stage in the process.

When a file list is complete, you can present this to your customer in a readable format using the viewer component of the software. The customer will then be able to browse through the folders and files at ease and see the quality of the recovery for themselves. The viewer software is completely anonymous and you can even set it so that it displays your company name when the customer loads their file list.

The database can be edited, added to and updated so it is always up to date. The same goes for the common headers and Skip list databases..

The program alerts you when there are folders that are either corrupt or there is security set on them. so you can make any necessary changes or software data recovery scans.

A Skip list so that files that are unlikely to be required are skipped from the list, files like, Temporary Internet Files, System Volume Information, etc. Meaning that the job finishes even faster.

And if that's not enough, then the software can be set to copy the files to another media when the listing process is complete. this means that the entire quality testing, file list generation and copy process is now a single process with notification when it is complete.

To read more information about the separate functions built-in to this software, please follow the links on the left.

Please note that development on version 2 of the software has ceased whilst we are programming version 3. There will be no support, particularly the HTML file lists as this is being looked at in detail with the version 3. This will not be available until mid-late 2017. The current HTML uses a third party generator that does not support some unicode languages and/or some mac filenames. Any problems found in Version 2 apart from the HTML will be fixed if they can be replicated on our systems so in that sense support is the same. So please be aware that we are unable to help with any issues on the HTML side of the current build (v2.x) before purchasing.