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File Listing and Testing Software : File List Viewer

You can freely distribute our Unicode aware file list viewer component to your customers so they can view the file lists. If you click on the small image to the right you can see what the customer's see within a file list created with the software. The file list is in a structured format, explorer-like view that your customers are already familiar with. To the right of the folder tree are the actual sub folders and files within the folder complete with the results from the file quality test.

The file list viewer can open and extract zip files directly without any intervention, all the use has to do is browse to the zip file and open it, then browse or search for their critical data.

File list viewer module
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When a user needs to search, there are preset search patterns built-in such as Graphics/Photo files, MS Office documents, etc. Users can also search in standard file search format e.g. *.doc;*.xls; *reports*.doc etc.. Searches can also be performed by searching for files between two dates.

Basic statistics are available that show the total size and the number of files in the list.