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File Listing and Testing System: Pricing

The Pricing for the File Listing and Testing Software includes a license for the Main testing software, a distribution license for the File List Viewer component and a site license for the network messenger module. Note that the File Listing and testing software is licensed per machine, however, the messaging module is licensed on a site basis.

Please note that development on version 2 of the software has ceased whilst we are programming version 3. There will be no support, particularly the HTML file lists as this is being looked at in detail with the version 3. This will not be available until mid-late 2017. The current HTML uses a third party generator that does not support some unicode languages and/or some mac filenames. Any problems found in Version 2 apart from the HTML will be fixed if they can be replicated on our systems so in that sense support is the same. So please be aware that we are unable to help with any issues on the HTML side of the current build (v2.x) before purchasing.

New Licenses
Number of LicensesCost Per License in GBP
Single License149 GBP
2-5139 GBP
6-10129 GBP
11-15119 GBP
16-20109 GBP
21+99 GBP

Each license includes service updates for a period of 12 months, after this time, the license to use the software will not expire but you will no longer receive new updates.