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File Listing and Testing Software : User Defined Reporting
The default reporting in file lists are;
  • Header OK - Indicates that the file headers match and the file is good.
  • Header Corrupt - Indicates that the file headers do not match and the file is probably corrupt.
  • Unknown File - No entry for this file extension in the database.
  • Zero Bytes - File has no data.
  • File too small to test - File is less than 512 bytes - the minimum that can be read by FLT **
  • Access Error - FLT could not open the file for testing or copying.
  • Encrypted File - File is encrypted and can not be tested.
  • No Extension - The file has no extension and can not be tested.
  • Bad Filename - The filename contains invalid characters
  • Common File Header - File does not match as OK, but matches a common file type.

All of these can be changed to reflect uniqueness in the file list viewer. For example, you may want to change 'Header OK' to 'File Tested OK'

** Files of less than 512 bytes will generally be ok provided that the filename is ok. The reason ? - With modern NTFS based file systems, files of less than around 900 bytes are stored within the MFT record itself and not in the data-storage area of the drive. So if the filename is ok, probability is that the file is OK too.