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Hard Disk Imaging Software with Sector Mutate £349

Hard disk imaging software with sector mutate was specially written to convert DELL/EMC hard disks from non standard bytes per sector values to 512 bytes per sector.

DELL/EMC hard disks are normally formatted to 520 bytes per sector, the extra 8 bytes are used for error checking and other meta data. The problem when trying to recover from RAID arrays with non-standard sector sizes is that the extra data in each sector shifts the data resulting with corrupt files. In order to get a good recovery from a Dell/EMC based server, it is vital to remove these extra bytes from the drives.

Our software will support any sector size and convert to any sector size. We decided to allow the user as much scope as they may need, but in nearly all cases converting to 512 bytes per sector will be sufficient and will copy as many drives or image files as you want at the same time.

It also copies standard hard disk and is basically the same as our multi drive hard disk imager, but with the sector mutate option.

We have the following presets built - in

  • 520->512
  • 522->512
  • 524->512

All that you need to make sure of; is that you have enough free space on a local or networked volume to create the image files.

There is an option to turn off the computer as soon as the imaging process is complete to save energy!

Supported Drives - Multi-Drive Imaging

  • ATA/PATA/IDE Hard Disks
  • SATA/eSATA Hard Disks
  • USB Hard Disks
  • Firewire Hard Disks
  • Memory Cards - attached through USB
Other drives supported (Single drive imaging)

Note: This software requires windows XP with WinASPI32.DLL driver installed. Please check the scsi version works on your system before purchasing.

  • SCSI Hard Disks
  • SAS Hard Disks
  • FCal

What is the difference between versions.

The single drive imager supports SCSI, FCal and SAS drives that can not be seen using windows based software (e.g. WinHex). The block size that windows expects to see is 512, 1024, 2048 or 4096 and so will not recognise a device that has been formatted to 520. Our software allows you to access these drives and create an image file that can be either worked on directly or copied to another 512 byte per sector drive. Either way, you end up with a correct image of your EMC. Dell or Clarion hard disk - it will no longer contain the extra bytes. This requires that the WinASPI32 Drivers are installed on your system. You can either download or we have a third party wnaspi32.dll driver included in the install. This is a separate application and is included in the purchase of the software.

Disk Imager with Sector Mutate
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Download the demo version of our Hard Drive Imaging Software with Sector Mutate and test it for yourself.