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Hard Disk Erasing Software £34.99

Hard disk wiping software - primarily designed for preparing hard disks prior to cloning. This software will completely overwrite hard disk drives. Many products only overwrite what windows sees and often leaves some sectors unwiped. Ours wipes from the first sector to the last!

Why wipe the hard disk prior to cloning, the existing data will be overwritten with the new job?
It is vital to ensure that hard drives used for cloning contain no previously recovered data. For example, you may only have a partial image of a job, and run recovery software to get as much data as possible. If the previous job has not been completely removed from the hard disk, then there is a possibility of sending a customer the wrong data. This would be a disaster, especially so if the second company is a competitor of the other previous recovery job.

In order to minimize the risk of this happening, data recovery companies prepare their image drives prior to imaging. Our software can prepare as many drives as you need in a single pass provided you can connect them to a computer, it will wipe them.

You can also select the character to overwrite the drive with, e.g. 00h - FFh or you can choose text to overwrite e.g. -UNPROCESSED- or WIPED, etc.

Supported Drives

  • ATA/PATA/IDE Hard Disks
  • SATA/eSATA Hard Disks
  • SCSI Hard Disks
  • SAS Hard Disks
  • USB Hard Disks
  • Firewire Hard Disks
  • Memory Cards - attached through USB

Use of the program for secure wiping of hard disks
Our software can also be used for overwriting hard disks prior to disposal, however, it can not guarantee complete overwriting of all data on hard disks. The reason is because, modern hard disk drives use a technique called Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology or SMART when SMART finds a bad sector, it removes it from the user available sectors and replaces it with a spare sector. This means that the original data is still somewhere in the hard disk, but is not user accessible.

There are commercial tools available to make these sectors re-appear and could potentially contain compromising information. This is a technique used by data recovery companies, and computer forensics engineers.

This software does not overwrite G-List (SMART Logs) on any hard disk, and so should not be used to wipe Secret or other classified data stored on hard disks.

When using our software for secure wiping of hard disks, make sure that the verify option is set. This will ensure that all visible sectors on the hard disk are overwritten.

Built in Safety Features identify the system drive and mark it so as it can not be written to. However it is up to the user to make the final decision as to the identity of the system drives and other that they do not want to wipe on the computer. Remember this software will erase beyond data recovery so care should be taken when selecting drives.

Each license allows you to wipe an unlimited number of drives and includes all program updates for 12 months.

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Download the demo version of our Hard Drive Wiping Software and test it for yourself.