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Process Monitoring and Notification Software £124.99

Software that notifies users when a process is complete on a networked computer. Monitors the CPU usage of any program, then once it goes below a preset value, it sends a message to your users so that productivity is maintained to its maximum.

Messages can be sent to a network attached computer so you can monitor software running in house, or via email to monitor software running at a remote location.

Local UsesRemote Uses
Data recovery softwareChemical Processing
Disk Imaging SoftwareIndustrial Processing
Image ProcessingFood Processing
Math CalculationsRemote Computer Services

This program can be used to monitor a whole range of processes, a notification alert or email message is sent.

This can also be used to notify you when a process that has stopped is waiting for user input.

Once the process has stopped, a notification is sent via network message to a local computer or via email to local or remote users.

We have been using this software in-house to monitor a whole host of processes, including running recovery software that take hours to complete. We are notified within seconds of it finishing meaning our engineers keep on top of the jobs improving productivity.

It is not only reserved for Data Recovery processes, it can be used to monitor any program that takes a long time to complete, or needs to be monitored remotely.

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Download the 14 day trial version of Process Monitoring Software and test it for yourself.