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File Listing Software : £19.99 for a single user license

Pricing for the Quick File Listing Software is as follows. Note that the Software is licensed per machine.

New Licenses
Number of LicensesCost Per License in GBP
Single License19.99 GBP
2-517.99 GBP
6+15.99 GBP

For new licenses, we offer a licensing system where if you buy licenses over a period of time, as you cross each price break, we apply the new price to your existing licenses. For example, if you purchased 4 licenses, then later purchased another 2, instead of paying the full price for the extra licenses, we would back calculate your licenses as if you had paid for 6 licenses at the onset and you would only pay the balance. However, this 'upgrade' license will expire on the same date as the previously purchased licenses.

Each license includes all updates for a period of 12 months, after this time, the license will not expire but you will no longer receive new updates. You may extend your license on an annual basis at the prices below.

Annual Renewal Prices
Number of LicensesRenewal Cost Per License in GBP
Single License12.99 GBP
2-511.99 GBP
6+9.99 GBP