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Raid 5 Map Builder Software
Our Raid Map Builder software works by creating a RAID grid that  can be imported directly in to R-Studio© Where this is a great benefit is when you need R-Studio to access raid systems with delayed raid. Currently R-Studio does not supports these 'out of the box' but can be programmed in using the excellent customer RAID development system.

Programming a  RAID 5 with a delay is a time consuming process and is prone to errors that can mean the difference between a good and a bad recovery. How long do you think it would take to manually create a map for a 32 drive array with a delay of 16 ? .. It would take days. there are 16,384 cells in that grid that would need manual input.

This is where our software steps in. Once you know the number of drives, block size and delay size, you can enter these values into our software and it will generate a file that can be imported directly into R-Studio and be ready in a few moments. Try it! download the trial version.

It currently supports up to 100 drives in any array  with any delay size. Whilst delays are usually a power of two we have allowed for non standard delay sizes to cater for the unexpected.

The software supports: the following RAID parity modes
  • Backward
  • Backward Dynamic
  • Forward
  • Forward Dynamic

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Why not download a  trial version that lets you see what the grid is like or watch a video showing how it can be used.

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