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Tape Imaging Software £99

Professional quality software for creating tape images, works with any tape drive and any interface including

  • SCSI Tape Drives.
  • SAS Tape Drives.
  • USB Tape Drives.
  • IDE Tape Drives.
  • eSata Tape Drives.
The process couldn't be simpler. Put the tape in the drive, select a target folder and click the create image button, the image file is created and stored in the selected target folder.

Tape Imaging Software

Once your tape image is complete, it is ready for use with backup recovery software, file carving or other file recovery tools.

Bad Tape Media when a tape has bad media it is impossible to read. The reason is that the tape drive's firmware manage bad block on the tape. Usually what happens is that the tape drive will treat a bad block as end-of-tape and in some cases rewind, eject the tape and set the clean-tape flag so a tape cleaner will need to be used. This is done to protect the read/write heads. In some cases our software can help, there are two options. You can select a retension - even if your drive does not support retension we have an emulator that does a retension using a different technique. The second option involves noting down the point where the bad media occurred then setting a start point beyond this.

success is not guaranteed as in either case the tape-drive may still detect the bad blocks, however there are now two more ways of attempting to access the data.

Download a demo version of tape imager
Test it for yourself. The demo version is limited to copying 25 MBytes of data. Once you are sure it will read your tape, then buy the software using the button below. The cost is only £99

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